Podcast Episode Jul 9, 2013

I’m late getting this episode out – my intent was to have it published on Sunday, but learning Audacity and the many other steps involved in publishing a podcast episode took far more time than I expected, sorry!

Episode 0001

Programming Concepts in Game Design

Apologies in advance for the audio quality (I sound like Vader. if you have any recommendations on how I can fix that please let me know!). I’m following the Google model: Release early then iterate improvements – so future episodes can only get better :)

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I discussed 4 programming concepts that could be used in your game designs:
* Stacks / Queues
* Pointer / Dynamic Reference (Interchangable parts)
* Multiclassing
* Inheritance / Overriding

Crack this Mechanic

What can you do with this mechanic? Let me know how you use it in your game:

This is a tile movement mechanic. Tiles are placed on a hex or square grid. Players roll a die and choose either a tile or stack of tiles to move a number of squares/hexes equal to the roll. If they choose a single tile as they move the tile they create a stack of tiles by picking up each tile they move across (adding it to the bottom of the stack). If they choose a stack of tiles to move instead of picking up tiles they leave a tile from the stack in each square/hex they move through.

Shout Outs

Epic Slant Press

Happy Listening!


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