Site News Aug 5, 2013

When I first envisioned Game Designer Chronicles I devised a fixed schedule with game reviews on Mondays, interviews on Tuesdays, etc. The goal was to provide daily design content – however sticking to this schedule has been difficult. Some days it is hard to get out an article – and right now I’ve got a backlog of interviews ready to be posted just waiting on the next available Tuesday slot. My time has been short the last two weeks with launching Today In Board Games and I’ve hardly had time to post anything!

Going forward things will be a little more relaxed. I’m going to be publishing several of the interviews I’ve had waiting in the next week as well as a game review from guest poster Charlie @ Sizzlemoth. I still plan to publish 5-7 game design related articles per week (less on busy weeks), but instead of the fixed schedule things will be a little looser. Thanks for bearing with me as I figure this out!


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