Top Picks Jul 10, 2013

Welcome to Top Picks Wednesday! Here’s the best content for the week in the world of board game design (as decided by me!):

Design / Development Articles

Here’s my top 4 picks for the week. There were many great articles this week, but I determined not to cover articles pertaining to specific game design pitches in this list – only generally themed articles. That means I only had 4 top articles for the week instead of the usual 5.

#4: Euphoria: Stats Edition – Jamey Stegmaier from StoneMaier games breaks down the statistics from their recent Euphoria Kickstarter campaign. Lots of good stuff to learn here if you plan to Kickstart your game – particularly the numbers related to shipping costs.

#3: Advice for the Playtest Hangover – Daniel Solis gives some good advice on how to carry on your design after gathering playtest feedback (paticularly if that feedback is negative).

#2: Living With Schadenfreude – Teale at discusses avoiding design decisions that lead to poor player experiences at the hands of other players. Good stuff to consider if you wish to avoid alienating half your audience.

#1: What I Learned from Participating in the 2012 Solitare PnP Contest – This is a BGG forum post by Michael Robertson (BGG username mjrobertson) describing his experiences while participating in a BGG design contest and what can be applied from those experiences to game design. This article does a great job of covering the basics, and while geared toward contest participants it still contains a multitude of good advice for all designers.

New Design Contests

Classic Arcade Challenge – Turn your favorite 8-bit (or earlier) video game into a board game for the latest challenge from the Game Crafter. Entries due by September 9, 2013.


O Reviewer, Reviewer wherefore art thou! – James Mathe of is assembling a list of game reviewers – many of which will cover games pre-publication. This could be a great way to get some coverage for your game prior to hitting Kickstarter or landing a publisher!


Know of a resource or contest that began this week that I missed? Think a different design article should have made my top 5? Let me know in the comments!


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