Top Picks Jul 31, 2013

Welcome to Top Picks Wednesday! Here’s the best content for the week in the world of board game design (as decided by me!):

Design / Development Articles

Another huge batch of articles to wade through – so tough to narrow it down! This week’s top 5:

#5: Doom Indeed Fred Hicks of Evil Hat Productions takes a look at lessons learned from the Doom that Came to Atlantic City trainwreck.

#4: What if Someone Steals Your Idea? Daniel Solis discusses the value of unimplemented ideas (hint: $0)

#3: Musings on Mastery vs. Hoping Greg from 3D Total Games looks at randomness, reward, probability and our perceptions.

#2: Trash It Board Games that Tell Stories looks at how we need to be willing to give any mechanic / idea the ax if it means improving the game design. No sacred cows!

#1: Good Theme Grant Rodiek of Hyperbole Games talks about theme selection, how to select a theme, and tips on how to implement that theme in your game.


Game Classic Remix Grant Rodiek of Hyperbole Games is hosting a contest to create a new game out of the components of a classic. Entries are due October 1st, though please let Grant know if you plan to participate.


Know of a resource or contest that began this week that I missed? Think a different design article should have made my top 5? Let me know in the comments!


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