Design Diary, Print & Play Jul 6, 2013

It’s Bonus Saturday – and I’m celebrating by posting a print-and-play microgame!

Undercover Assassins

Undercover Assassins is a quick and dirty game of deduction. Players represent teams of secret agents attempting to assassinate the opposing operatives. Your goal is to deduce the location of your opponent’s agents so you can send the right team member to eliminate them, all the while you are attempting to distract your opponent’s assassination attempts against your own agents with decoys.

This game was approx 90 minutes from first concept to completed development, so it may need a little fine-tuning yet. My wife was gracious enough to be my guinea pig and playest it. It is designed with 2 players in mind, but could probably accommodate 3 or 4. Playtime is about 10 minutes.


Each player grabs a set of 8 cards (2 Decoys, and one each of six agents: Rogue, Informant, Bomber, Bruiser, Trickster, Mastermind)
Each player begins the game by placing any 6 of his cards face down in front of him in a line (this is your “field” and these cards are “in the field”), and keeps 2 in his hand (“at headquarters”). Randomly select a starting player.

On a player’s turn, if you have less than three Aim markers, do the following:
* Flip up one of your face down agent cards in your field (the attacker). If you are unable to declare an attacker because you have no agents in the field you lose.
* Choose a card in an opponent’s field for that agent to engage (the defender). The opponent flips their card face up also.
* Carry out any effects on both the attacker card and the defender card. If an agent is assassinated remove it from the game.
* The attacker “Goes Underground”: Place it in your hand. Then secretly choose one of the cards in your hand and place it down in the same spot in your field where you picked up the attacker (NOTE: You can choose to put the attacker back down again).
If the player has 3 or more Aim markers instead he uses the Sniper action:
* Return all your Aim markers to the supply.
* Choose a card in an opponent’s field. That card is assassinated.
Once a player’s turn is complete play passes to the player to his right.

Defecting: When a card defects, it is placed into the defecting player’s hand. Then that player secretly chooses a card in their hand and places it face-down at either end of their field.

Print & Play File

Undercover Assassins – Print one copy per player.


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