Site News Jun 19, 2013

Welcome to the Game Designer Chronicles! I’m so excited to finally be opening this project I’ve been working on for the past few months, and I look forward to sharing the journey with you.

My name is Roger Hicks (BGG username BobTHJ). I’m 32 and live in western Colorado with my wife and eight (yes, eight) kids. For as long as I can remember I’ve been designing games: board games, computer games, rpgs, etc. This website is born out of my desire to share that passion and interact with others who enjoy game design.

The objective for Game Designer Chronicles is to serve as a source of inspiring content for game designers and to chronicle the journey of myself and other designers as we share our passion with the gaming community. The focus of the site will be on board games primarily, though occasionally we may discuss RPGs or video games. The goal (once the site launches) is to provide new and interesting content each weekday:

    Game Review Monday – We’ll be reviewing a game, specifically focusing on the mechanics and design aspects, looking for the creative and innovative concepts lurking within that game. We’ll also discuss how those concepts can be applied to other game designs.
    Designer Interview Tuesday – Every Tuesday we will be talking with a different game designer about one of their latest designs. We’ll be picking the brains of designers from all across the spectrum: from unpublished amateurs to veteran professionals.
    Top Picks Wednesday – On Wednesdays we will showcase the latest and greatest content from across the world of board game design, showcasing the latest and best articles from other designers, news of innovative upcoming games, and more.
    Design Article Thursday – Every Thursday expect to take a detailed look at an aspect of the game design process from first concept to published game. Here I’ll post about my own design and development process. I also plan to regularly turn this feature article over to guest bloggers to cover a wide spectrum of topics and viewpoints.
    Podcast Friday – On Friday the Game Designer Chronicles podcast will release. The show will be roughly an hour long and will feature a more in-depth look at the week’s blog content, as well as additional interviews, reviews, mechanics mashups, design discussions, and more.

At present my goal is to launch the regular content of Game Designer Chronicles on Monday, July 1st. I have to admit to being a total noob at this! I’ve never podcasted before, never blogged with regular frequency, and have had little interaction thus far with the rest of the board gaming world (up to this point it’s been a personal hobby I’ve shared with a few local friends) – but I’m not going to let that discourage me. However, please bear with me if I make a few mistakes along the way. I will greatly value your feedback and input – even criticism. If you like what Game Designer Chronicles is providing, please let me know! And if you don’t like something, please also let me know! I’m committed to progress! Either way, thanks for joining in!


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